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      Colon and Rectal Catalog

Barron Hemorrhoidal Ligator

Billingham Hemorrhoidal Grasping Forceps

Biopsy Forceps

Brinkerhoff Rectal Specula

Deep Deaver Retractors

Goligher's Rectal Scissors

Hill-Ferguson Rectal Retractors

Hinkle-James Specula

Hirschman Anoscopes

Lockhart-Mummery's Fistula Directors

Lower Occlusive Clamps

McGivney Hemorrhoidal Ligator

Park's Anal Retractor

Rectal Hooks

Rectal Probes

Salvatti (Buie) Rectal Scissors

Sawyer Rectal Retractors

Slotted Rectal Specula

St.Mark's Perineal Retractor

St.Mark's Deep Pelvic Retractors

Suction Hemorrhoidal Ligators

Upper Occlusive Clamps

Wylie Deep Pelvic Retractor

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      Urology Catalog

Bihrle Needle Holder

Bihrle Foley Catheter Cleat

Carroll Retractor

Durrani and Stamey

Lowsley Prostatic   Tractor

McDougal Type Prostatectomy Forceps

No Scalpel Vasectomy Instruments

Roth Grip-Tip

Roth Urethral Suture Guides

Stamey Needles

Young's Urological Instruments

Yu-Holtgrewe Malleable Retractor Blades


      Retractor Catalog

Simpson Table Mounted Retractor System

Accessory Rings

Accessory Retractors

Vernick Retractor Blades

Urological Retractors and Systems

Rectal Retractor System

General Surgery and Deep Pelvic Retractors

Hernia Retractor Set

Laparoscopic Liver Retractors

Vaginal Retractor Set

Simpson Expandable Ring


       Value Line Catalog

Bandage Scissors

Bariatric Sets

Deaver Scissors

Dressing Forceps

Ear, Nose & Throat


Hemostatic Forceps

Intestinal Forceps

Iris Scissors

Mayo Dissecting Scissors

Metzenbaum Scissors

Mosquito Forceps

Nail Nippers

Needle Holders

Occluding Forceps

Operating Scissors

Plaster Shears


Rochester-Pean, Rochester-Ochsner and Rochester-Carmalt Forceps

Splinter Forceps

Sponge Forceps

Stevens Tenotomy Scissors

Stitch Scissors

Strabismus Scissors

Tissue Forceps

Towel Clamps

Utility Shears

Wire Scissors


 List of Vendors







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