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Rectal Probes


Rectal Probes



 A.  CS28-100 Larry Rectal Probe and Grooved Director 7"

 B.  CS28-104 Barr Fistula Probe 11 1/2" with Eye, Sterling Shaft

 C.  CS28-106 Buie Fistula Probe 6 3/4", Sterling Shaft

 D.  CS28-108 Pratt Rectal Probe, 11", Sterling Shaft (Not Pictured)

 E.  CS880-757 Barr Double Ended Probe 7"




Rectal Probes


 A.  CS10-4-ST   Double Ended Probe 5", Sterling

      CS10-6-ST   Double Ended Probe 5 1/2", Sterling

      CS10-8-ST   Double Ended Probe 6", Sterling

      CS10-10-ST Double Ended Probe 7, Sterling

      CS10-12-ST Double Ended Probe 8", Sterling



 B.  CS10-24-ST Probe with Eye 5", Sterling

      CS10-26-ST Probe with Eye 5 1/2", Sterling

      CS10-28-ST Probe with Eye 6", Sterling

      CS10-30-ST Probe with Eye 7", Sterling

      CS10-32-ST Probe with Eye 8", Sterling


 C.  CS743-450  Bowman Lacrimal Probe, Size 0000-000, Sterling

      CS743-468  Bowman Lacrimal Probe, Size 00-0, Sterling

      CS743-476  Bowman Lacrimal Probe, Size 1-2, Sterling

      CS743-484  Bowman Lacrimal Probe, Size 3-4, Sterling

      CS743-493  Bowman Lacrimal Probe, Size 5-6, Sterling

      CS743-500  Bowman Lacrimal Probe, Size 7-8, Sterling













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