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Roth Grip Tip



Roth Grip Tip

Often it is difficult to grasp and hold enough of the transected urethra to perform a clean bladder neck reanastomosis.


The New Greenwald Roth "Grip Tip" TM suture guide incorporates 3 completely retractable stainless steel rods with non-slip ends which "grip and fixate... the urethra to the guide, " providing excellent exposure of the transected urethra and 3 sets of paired suture guide grooves, arranged at 120 degree intervals, offering the surgeon numerous suture placement possibilities without having to readjust the guide within the urethra.

In many radical prostatectomy procedures, simply inserting the 28 Fr. stainless steel Grip-Tip guide will push enough of the urethra into view to allow precise suture placement.


Classically, however the urethra will partially retract again or will not have extended far enough for suturing.


This is exactly the situation for which the Patented Grip-Tip TM was developed. Twisting the proximal knurled end of the guide extends the three rods anywhere from "just showing" all the way out to the equivalent to 45 Fr., sufficient to firmly grip any urethra, preventing further unnecessary exposure trauma. The smooth extend-retract action is minutely controllable and once set, the Grip-Tip will hold the exact degree of extension desired.


        Catalog#  CSU515 Roth Grip-Tip Suture Guide Set (24fr & 28fr)

Catalog#  CSU515-24 Roth Grip Tip Suture Guide, 24fr

Catalog#  CSU515-28 Roth Grip Tip Suture Guide, 28fr












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